Certified Mandala Facilitators

The following facilitators have trained extensively with Dr. Judith Cornell (Rajita Sivananda) and are committed to compassionate service. They are certified to lead groups and give individual consultations. Although facilitators come from various spiritual paths, they are inclusive and honor all faith traditions. 


Jane Hendrickson PhD, MFA Licensed Holistic Healer 
Tucson, AZ 
Mandala retreats, individual, and one day sessions, addictions personal growth, self care, and grief/loss. 
Website: www.MandalaInnerLight.com

Patty Cashman, RN and Debbie Laxague, RN 
Mount Shasta, CA 
Three-day retreats and drop-in programs for those touched by cancer or chronic illness (including caregivers). Renewal retreats for nurses. CEU’s for nurses. 
Website: www.thecirclesofhealing.org

Caterina Martinico, MA, ATR-BC 
Santa Rosa, CA 
Mandala workshops and retreats. Individual consultations focusing on personal growth and self-care; adults, seniors and women’s groups. 

Sharon Murnane, RN, HN-BC, CHTP 
Board Certified Holistic Nurse 
San Diego, CA 
Mandala workshops and retreats for personal/professional growth & self-care, WomenSpirit Drum Circles, Individual consultations 
Website: www.mandalaheartwisdom.com

Laura DuBois, MA
SanFrancisco, CA
Mandala retreats and workshops for personal growth, Community Sand Mandala offerings and individual consultations.
Website: www.awakeningmandala.com


Julia Weaver, LMFT

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Intimate opportunities to enliven and align our relationship with the Light in the core of our cells, the Light of our sacred Universe and the Light of Truth through in-person or online workshop series. Mandala Commune-ity Gardens for social justice & Mandala Dolphin Swim retreats

Website: juliamandala.weebly.com



Kaho Koinuma
Honolulu, Hawaii
Mandala workshops and retreats in support of all beings to discover peace, 
love and true happiness. exhibits, slideshow events (concerts, meditations, talks), 
Website: www.mandalasoftheheart.com

Sara Claire Curran 
Fairway, KA 
Mandala facilitator for groups, adults, and individual consultations. 
Website: www.WingsToSee.com

Mary Ellen Steveling, ERYT
Lusby, Maryland
Mandala retreats and individual sessions to enhance personal healing and spiritual growth; group and individual sessions to support those facing cancer.
Website: www.satyayogamd.com

Lisa Ann Lazio, csj, PhD 
St. Louis, MO 
Mandala retreats for religious communities and those challenged by serious illness or loss. Individual consultations. 
Website: www.MandalaCircleofGrace.com



Kate Zamarchi
Reiki Master Teacher
Portsmouth, NH Mandala workshops and retreats integrating Reiki energy – teens, adults, groups and organizations. 
Website: www.artthereikiway.com


Eileen M. Rose, MA (a.k.a Rosie) 
Long Island, NY 
Mandala retreats and classes for awakening and healing, for all ages, groups and organizations, group sand mandalas, QiGong, and drumming. 
Website: www.mandalaillumination.com www.illuminatedrose.com 

Nancy David, MA 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Group sand mandala’s, retreats, children, adults, and individual consultations. 
Website: www.mandalabliss.com 

Martha Kiger 
Asheville, NC 
Blends QiGong with mandala programs for spiritual communities, yoga centers, churches, and conscious movement groups and retreats. 
Website: www.mandala-chi.com 

Sara Goldsberry, MD,MA 
Cincinnati, OH 
Mandala facilitator in medical settings for those challenged with illness and grief. Women’s groups and mandala retreats. 
Website: www.gracefullblessings.com 

Bozena Palmquist 
Gold Beach, OR 
Mandala retreats, group sand Mandalas, adults and individual consultations. 
Website: www.mandalahealingart.com 

Rosalie J Skakum, ATR-BC
Erwinna, PA
Mandala Workshops for growth & self-care, Weekly Open Art Studio, Individual and Group Art Therapy Sessions, Art Classes.
Website: www.rainbowmandala.org

Caroline S Garrett, MFA 
Williamsburg, VA 
Mandala retreats, individual consultations, those challenged by cancer, other chronic illnesses, grief and bereavement. 
Website: www.mandala-lotus.com 



Sonja Stoeckli RYT-500

Moseley, VA

Mandala workshops with restorative yoga or pranayama. Supports spiritual growth and awareness, helping you find peace, love, and light in your life.

Website: www.spiritualflowyoga.com

Suchinta Abhayaratna, Th.D.
Vienna,VA (Washington D.C. Area)
Group sessions: adults, teens, children, individual sessions, community/family sand mandalas, online sessions and webinars.
Website: www.chisuchinta.com

Laural Virtues Wauters, BA, BSW, 
Green Bay, WI 
Mandala retreats, workshops and classes for all ages, plus private sessions for groups, individuals and couples. 
Website: www.treeoflifewithin.com


Tina Gartlan
Victoria, Australia
Mandala workshops for individual, groups, staff professional development and team building. Through colour, light and sound experience fun, relaxation and the creative process as we revisit that place of peace within. 
Website: http://crystalmandala.vpweb.com.au/default.html


Esperanza Miura, BA 
Calgary, Alberta 
Mandala workshops: individual, group & corporate team sessions; all ages, therapists, and immigrants. 
Website: www.innerworkspace.com 

Lars C. Schmith
Copenhagen, Denmark
Programs: healing sessions with sacred circles, sand Mandalas and vocal toning.
Website: www.Embraced-by-nature.com

Kaho Koinuma
Tokyo, Japan
Mandala workshops and retreats in support of all beings to discover peace, 
love and true happiness. exhibits, slideshow events (concerts, meditations, talks), 
Website: www.mandalasoftheheart.com

Dr. Pedro Molina, PhD 
Valencia, Spain 
Mandala programs: adults, children, group sand Mandala’s and individual consultations. 
Website: www.astromandalas.com 

Jan Mojsa, MA MEd (UKCP reg psychotherapist) 
Bath and Wiltshire, 
England Mandala facilitator working with life threatening illness; personal and spiritual development; creativity, and group sand Mandala’s. 
Website: www.insightfulcompany.co.uk