Tree Spirit Tarot 


Explore the archetypal stories of 78 trees and how they hold the roots of our shared story. This cross-cultural program offers insights into the origins of myth and archetypes as we reveal how trees are intrinsically interconnected with world belief. Learn about ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, Hindu and Celtic cultures, along with Indigenous traditions as we demystify the major and minor secrets hidden within the Tarot's roots. Learn how to work with trees and the Tarot as an inspirational and educational tool for personal connection, growth and guidance as well as collective understanding and change.

This program is offered in two formats. 

    Weekend intensive (currently on hold)

         Trees of the Major Arcana - The Wheel of Life & History of the Tarot 

         Trees of the Minor Arcana - The Four Elements (fire, water, air, earth)


    One-day Mandala meditation (currently on hold)

         Manifest a mandala inspired by the trees of the Major Arcana 

         Manifest a mandala inspired by the trees of the Minor Arcana 


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