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Tree Spirit Wisdom - Earth Day


Celebrate Earth Day 2023 by exploring the archetypal stories of trees and how they hold our collective stories. Based on Laural’s book: Tree Spirit Tarot – Return to the Garden of our Soul, this cross-cultural program offers insights into the origins of myth and archetypes. Discover how trees are intrinsically interconnected with our beliefs and how they influenced our cosmology and world religion. Learn about trees and their impact on ancient cultures. See how trees evolved over millions of years on a shared continent before drifting apart. Explore how trees in the New World inspired the Old World within Eastern and Western cultures.


This program will also demystify the Tarot as we review the major and minor arcana and how trees hold the story of the circle of life. 

Date: April 22, 2023

Time: 10:00 - 4:00

Place: Gold Beach Wellness Center

            29513 Ellensburg Avenue, Gold Beach, Oregon 

Fee: $50 - includes handouts

Book and Card Deck will be available for sale:

Tree Spirit Tarot Book: $30

Tree Spirit Tarot Deck: $25




For more information contact.

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