Mandala Chakra Series

Seven One-Day Intensives

Explore the seven sacred dimensions within your chakra body. Learn how cross-cultural wisdom teachings are held within you. Experience guided meditations to access personal insights for each mandala. Awaken the one within by expanding your inner vision. Create a total of seven healing mandalas - one for each chakra. Mandalas will be drawn on black paper to represent the unmanifested self. This series aligns with Laural's book: Mandala Chakra - Awaken the One Within.

Place: Hawthorn Institute, Williams, OR

Series Schedule:

March 7 - Root Chakra - Releasing and receiving as a way of being.

April 4 - Sacral Chakra - Creating harmony within our shadows and our light.

May 16 - Solar Plexus Chakra - Rewriting our soul's mythic story.

June 13 - Heart Chakra - Loving unconditionally with no strings attached.

July 25 - Throat Chakra – Working with our ancestors for wisdom and healing.

August 22 - Third Eye Chakra – Demystifying the mystery teachings.

September 12 - Crown Chakra – Connecting with our soul's purpose.


Individual Classes: $80.00 (preregistration is required) 

Mandala Art Kit: $20.00 (one time fee when you bring art kit class)

     - Art Kits can be picked up or purchased when you attend your first class. 

     - Mandala Art kit includes: seven prismacolor pencils, two gel pens, pencil bag and                 portfolio pouch. 

Seven Series Fee: $580 (paid by 2/28/20 - includes mandala art kit) 

Early Bird Registration Save $80: (paid by 1/31/20 for all seven classes - includes art kit)

Register for Series or Individual Classes: Hawthorn Institute

For more information contact Laural:

Tree Spirit Tarot - Weekend Intensive 


Explore the archetypal stories of trees and how they hold the roots of our shared history. This weekend workshop will be a deep dive into Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, Hindu and Celtic cultures as we demystify the Tarot. Discover how trees, sacred geometry and the Kabbalah are intrinsically interconnected with world belief and the concepts of "god". Learn how to work with the Tarot as an inspirational and educational tool for connection, growth and guidance. 


Date: TBD

For more information contact Laural: