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Shamanic Reiki

Shaman - one who sees in the dark

Reiki - universal life force energy

Shamanic Reiki compliments traditional reiki by providing more tool to work with. These tools include: journeying, shadow work, soul contracts, archetypal patterns, ancestral wounds, and conscious dying. 

Laural's journey into Shamanic Reiki began in 1976 when she enrolled in a kundalini yoga program, where she was introduced to the concept of chakras. She received her Reiki I attunement in 1995 and has been a practitioner ever since. She became a Reiki Master in 2006. She graduated from the Four Winds Healing the Light School of Energy Medicine in 2008 and continued her studies with advanced classes from renowned maestros like: Betsy Bergstrom, Ana Larramendi, Sandra Ingerman and Adolfo Ttito Condori. 

Shamanic Reiki

Is for or those who have completed the Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheel (or something similar) are a mesa carrier and have committed to doing their personal work. 


Shamanic Reiki I - Learn the basics of energy healing, intake and assessment, setting boundaries, decoupling and the importance of creating safe space and and aftercare protocol.

Shamanic Reiki II - Understand the concepts of soul loss, shamanic journeying, soul contracts. Learn how to connect and work with your spirit guides.

Shamanic Reiki III - This class is focused on shadow work and energetic cleansing. See how archetypal patterns and ancestral wounds inform our perceptions and the collective conscious. 

Shamanic Reiki IV - Learn how to hold space for people during life transitions such as death and illness. Learn how to incorporate ceremony and despachos into your practice.


* All require a minimum of three case studies each before advancing to the next level. 

For more information contact Laural:

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