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Depth Reiki

Depth Reiki compliments traditional Reiki by providing a deeper understanding of the energy body and its interconnection with one's conscious and unconscious self as well as the archetypal patterns held in the collective unconscious.

This program is available for or those who have completed the Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheel (or something similar) and are committed to doing their personal work. 


Depth Reiki I - Overview of energy healing from a practitioner perspective. Review of the importance of setting boundaries and asking permission. Learn how to create a safe and sacred space for you and your clients. Discover how to facilitate an intake session as you track and assess what your client needs without adding story or personal thoughts.

Learn how to read a persons energy body in relation to their healing intention. Review

basic techniques such as breathing, illumination and decoupling. Information will also be provided on how to offer insights, homework and an aftercare protocol for your clients. 

Depth Reiki II - Understand the impact that trauma has on our energy body and learn how to work with your clients regarding soul loss, soul retrieval and rewriting soul contracts. Review the concept of chord cutting and how soul loss often presents itself as a chord when in fact it is a lifeline.

Depth Reiki III - This class is focused on shadow work as well as energetic cleansing. Learn how archetypal patterns, ancestral wounds and negative thought forms are held in the conscious and unconscious self as well as the collective unconscious. Learn techniques for shedding light on these shadows to release and receive the insights that have been waiting to be seen. 

Depth Reiki IV - Learn how to hold space for people during life transitions such as death and illness. Discover how to incorporate ceremony and despachos into your practice.


* All require a minimum of three case studies each before advancing to the next level. 

For more information contact Laural:

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