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The Everlasting Forest


The Everlasting Forest - A Worldly Adventure
Written by: Laural V. Wauters

Illustrated by: Lanvi T. Nguyen

The Worldly Adventure is the first in a series of 14 children's books that will introduce readers to thirteen legendary Forest Friends. This adventure around the world is led by Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi who honor the stories, cultures and

environments of all trees.


Come along as they travel through a magical portal to gather their Forest Friends for the very first time. Listen to their words of whimsy and wisdom as they bring gifts that will inspire many more adventures yet to come.

This vibrantly illustrated, 8.5″ x 8.5" softcover, 46-page book is filled with colorful images that will invite you to explore and learn. This is an adventure filled with joy that is sure to delight people of all ages. 


Thirteen companion books, featuring the adventures of each Forest Friend in their native homeland are currently in the works.

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