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Education & Certification


Additional Training



  • Facilitator, Writer, Artist - Laural V Wauters

  • Faculty Member - Hawthorn Institute  

  • Partner - True Nature Healing Arts Center

  • President/Creative Director - Infusion Inc. & Goltz-Seering

  • Creative Director - Goltz & Associates

  • VP Creative Director - Media Management Inc.

  • Art Director - UpCom Creative

  • Exec. Dir. Planned Parenthood - Kewaunee County

  • Family & Marriage Therapist - Kewaunee County

  • Developmental Disabilities Director - Kewaunee County

  • VISTA/Community Organizer - Decatur, Illinois

Community Leadership 

  • Organizer - B-local 

  • Vice President - NEW Arts Council

  • Vice President - Downtown Green Bay Inc.

  • Graduate - Leadership Green Bay

  • Volunteer - On Broadway Inc. - Historic Downtown Preservation

  • President - Wisconsin Ballet Theater

  • Volunteer - SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

  • Board Member - Task Force Against Domestic Violence

  • Volunteer - Decatur Planned Parenthood

  • Volunteer - Eau Claire Free Clinic

Laural Virtues Wauters

Facilitator, writer, artist, mentor and grandmother.


"By exploring the roots of our personal and collective stories, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. When we see ourselves as the creators of our reality we become active participants in the co-creation of our world". 


Laural was born in post WWII Germany and adopted by Americans working for the CIA. As a young child she felt a spiritual connection with trees that filled her with wonder and purpose. When Laural moved to the United States she dreamt of becoming an artist and peacemaker.


Growing up in the 60's and 70's, Laural focused her dreams as an activist, community organizer, social worker and counselor, but her curious mind and artistic spirit ultimately led to a 25-year career in communication arts and leadership.

In the 80's, after her adoptive parents passed away, a series of unexpected phone calls led Laural to Karin, her birth mother. Laural soon discovered that she was the child of an epic love story complicated by Cold War secrets, intense sacrifice and the ultimate betrayal. Within nine months of finding each other Karin suddenly passed away, leaving Laural to search for truth in order to fulfill Karin's dying wish. During this difficult time Laural found solace in 40-acres of trees, prairie and wetlands with her husband and son.


After 9/11 Laural felt a tug in her soul to untangle the shared roots of world belief in search of common ground. When she realized that most beliefs were originally inspired by nature, she wondered how we had become so disconnected. 

In 2007 Laural followed her heart by blending the healing art of mandalas with nature-based traditions. From this expanded perspective she saw how easily we lost sight of our inner wisdom in search of outer connection. This inspired Laural to create and facilitate hundreds of classes and retreats designed to help others reconnect with nature, themselves and each other.  

In 2017 she moved to the Pacific Northwest to live near her son and his family. 


Laural has written several books, including a children's book: 

Tree Spirit Tarot - Return to the Garden of our Soul

Mandala Chakra - Awaken the One Within

The Everlasting Forest - A Worldly Adventure

Short Bio: Laural is a graduate of the Four Winds - Healing the Light Body School of Energy Medicine, a Reiki Master and certified Mandala Facilitator via Dr. Judith Cornell. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Communication Arts. She is a mesa carrier in the Andean tradition, initiated by Adolfo Ttito Condori - Peruvian Altomisayoq.


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