Education & Certification

BSW - Bachelor of Social Work - UW Eau Claire 

BA - Communication Arts - UW Green Bay

Energy Medicine Practitioner - The Four Winds

Mandala Facilitator - Dr. Judith Cornell/Rajita Sivananda

Reiki Master - Donna Marie Levy  


Additional Training

Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur - Andean Altomisayoq (Wisdomkeeper) 

    Khuya Mesa insights and initiation

    Hampi Mesa insights and initiation

    Kanchaq Mesa insights and initiation

    Andean cosmology of the Monqos Wasi (Energy Body)

Ana Larramendi - The Hollow Bone 

     Soul Retrieval and Journeying

Jose Luis Herrera - Andean Maestro

     The Andean Mesa

Teri Nehring - Living Inner Happiness

     Kintu Mesa & Despacho Ceremony

Betsy Bergstrom - Spirit-Wise - Healer & Teacher

    Ancestral curse and thought-form Unraveling

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Practitioner and Author

    Soul Retrieval and Journeying

Robert Moss - Historian & Author

     Active Dreaming

Isla Burgess - Herbal Medicine Educator/Practitioner

     Plant Person Relationship



Author, artist, storyteller  - Seven Earthly Virtues

Faculty Member - Hawthorn Institute  

Partner - True Nature Healing Arts Center

President/Creative Director - Infusion Inc. & Goltz-Seering

Creative Director - Goltz & Associates

VP Creative Director - Media Management Inc.

Art Director - UpCom Creative

Exec. Dir. Planned Parenthood - Kewaunee County

Family & Marriage Therapist - Kewaunee County

Developmental Disabilities Counselor/Coordinator - Kewaunee County

VISTA/Community Organizer - Decatur, Illinois

Community/Volunteer Involvement 

Organizer - B-local (Protecting a historic site from Walmart)

Vice President - NEW Arts Council

Vice President - Downtown Green Bay Inc.

Graduate - Leadership Green Bay

Volunteer - On Broadway Inc. - Historic Downtown Preservation

President - Wisconsin Ballet Theater

Volunteer - SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Member - Task Force Against Domestic Violence

Volunteer - Decatur Planned Parenthood

Volunteer - Eau Claire Free Clinic

Laural Virtues Wauters

Author, artist, facilitator and storyteller.


"By exploring the roots of our personal and collective stories, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. When we see ourselves as the creators of our reality we become active participants in the co-creation of our world". 

Bio: I was born in post WWII Germany and adopted by Americans  working for the CIA in Frankfurt. We lived next to an enchanted park where I experienced a series of spiritual encounters with trees. This inspired me to begin my journey of wondering how to help people understand each other better. By the age of seven we moved to the United States, and into a small fishing village along the shores of Lake Michigan.


Growing up in 60's & 70's America, transformed my wonder into activism. I became an advocate for equal rights, women’s rights, civil rights and the rights of the disabled. After college, I joined VISTA (Volunteer's In Service To America) where I worked as a community organizer for underprivileged children and teens. My first professional job was as a developmental disabilities coordinator and family and marriage counselor. I also provided emergency intervention services for people struggling with mental illness, abuse or addiction. In the 80's, I lost both of my adoptive parents, got married, had a child and changed my career path to communication arts. In the 90's, I was mysteriously reunited with my birth family and learned of the epic, yet tragic, love story that was my life. My birth mother passed within nine months of finding her. A few years later I became the President of a 42-person advertising agency, after the sudden suicide of my friend and mentor. My refuge was 40 acres of wetlands, woodlands and prairie in the Wisconsin countryside. Here we raised our son, as caretakers of the land.


In 2001, the morning after 9/11, I was compelled to untangle the shared roots of world belief in order to understand the source of our fear and separation. I sensed that trees were the wisdom keepers of these shared and sacred stories. Carl Jung saw trees as the archetype of the human psyche/soul on its lifelong journey of individuation and connection. I wondered why the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was the source of our original wound, while the Tree of Life was an elusive dream. Eventually I realized that indigenous cultures, Greco-Roman mythology and the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah all saw trees as metaphors for the creation of humanity and our spiritual nature.


In 2007, I listened to the calling in my soul and left my career to heal the story within me. I traveled back to Frankfurt Germany, and the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Georgia, to reconnect with my ancestral roots and to better understand the secrets of my adoption. I discovered that I came from a long lineage of healers, farmers and warriors with French/German and Scots/Irish heritage mixed with Native American, Congolese, Ashkenazi, Portuguese, Asian Indian and Chinese blood. My DNA proved that my ancestral story began with the original carriers of the Proto-Indo-European language as well as the ancient Celts. This deepened my curiosity regarding the origins of stories. 


I began to write my life story The Guardian Tree - the true story of Carmen Sylvia as a way to heal myself. I also studied traditional energy medicine and the healing art of the mandala, which inspired me to create Mandala Chakra - Awaken the One Within. I was fortunate to learn from many teachers including Tupac (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur, an Andean Altomisayok, who held the mystical teachings of the Andean cosmology and initiated me as a Mesa carrier. It was a great privilege to later host him in our home for several weeks as he shared his insights and wisdom with others. His focus is on the importance of spiritual connection within ourself and our cosmos. Soon after his visit I moved to the Pacific Northwest with my husband of 40 years Paul Wauters to live near our son Tyler and his family. This new chapter in my life has blessed me with the joy of being a Grandmother. I am now stepping into the role of elder and storyteller. Inspired by the magnificent trees around me, I wrote my third book Tree Spirit Tarot - Return to the Garden of our Soul

I invite you to explore this site and visit my blogs, which feature the contents of both Mandala Chakra and Tree Spirit Tarot.  With much love to all, Laural.




      Tree Spirit Tarot - Return to the Garden of our Soul

      The Guardian Tree - the true story of Carmen Sylvia

      Mandala Chakra - Awaken the One Within

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      Mandala Art Prints - Inkdrop Art Gallery

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