Mandala's (sacred circles) are a meditative and healing art form that is intertwined with the concept of chakras (spinning wheels). Chakra's were sensed by the yogi's of India as invisible wheels of energy within the body during deep meditation. Yoga means, “to yoke with spirit,” a yogi is someone who commits their life to this path.  As Yogi's toned vocal sounds to improve their flow of life force energy they became aware of spinning wheels of energy within them.  They created and chanted mantras that resonated within each chakra to reach higher levels of consciousness. The mantra “aum” was felt as the primordial sound of creation. Yantras were eventually drawn as a visible manifestation of these mantras, which evolved into the meditative art of the mandala. 


The creation of a mandala helps to makes the invisible, visible. Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung (1875-1961) was fascinated by the mandala's ability to awaken the unconscious self, as he developed his theory of archetypes.  Jung saw trees are the archetype of the psyche's journey and mandalas are the archetype of wholeness.  


Judith Cornell, PhD, (1941-2010) was inspired by Carl Jung as she pioneered new methods to use mandala's in her healing practice. She worked with black paper as a symbol of the unmanifested self and seven prismacolor pencils (white, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) to represent the body as a rainbow of light. Dr. Cornell taught non-judgment, non-attachment and unconditional love. She saw the mandala as a spiritual path of active meditation that required no artistic skill. 


In 2007, Laural Virtues Wauters attended her first retreat with Dr. Cornell at Mount Madonna, CA. She returned several months later to begin her training as a Mandala Facilitator. Laural was in the first group of Mandala Facilitators certified by Dr. Cornell/Rajita Sivananda in 2009.