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"The “Mandala Chakra: Awaken the one within” guidebook is packed with awesome information. This is a wonderful guidebook for learning about the chakras. It covers the chakras from a different perspective that I really appreciate." - NR

"I’ve been looking for an amazing Chakra Oracle and this is the one!!! 49 hand drawn mandalas that hold the wisdom of nature, sacred geometry, platonic solids, world belief, consciousness and infinite oneness within us." - ST 

What a beautiful map you have drawn for the connection of all and human consciousness. Mind blowing!”  

- Rebecca Lorang

"This book is written with immense wisdom, and illustrated with incredibly gorgeous artwork. I've purchased several copies to share with others, and everyone agrees."

- Sonia Elizabeth Menning

Mandala Chakra 

Mandala - Sacred Circle - Sanskrit
Chakra - Spinning Wheel - Sanskrit 

Mandala Chakra is a guided journey of self-discovery anchored in the seven chakras of our energy body seen through the lens of seven unique perceptual states. Laural has literally visualized a way to connect the dots by creating a mythic map for awakening one’s personal consciousness as well as the collective soul.


Written words and 49 hand-drawn mandalas take us on an epic adventure of interconnection and inner awakening to understand the multi-dimensional maps within us. These maps can guide us as we explore the inner and outer realms of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.​ By becoming aware of these interrelationships and our ability to shift our perceptions we become the map makers of our destiny. 

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If you wish to have a physical copy of the book or deck of oracle cards they are available for purchase independently. I am still looking for a publisher, who can create a box set. 

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Mandala Chakra oracle deck available at: Printers Studio

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