Root Chakra - Physical Body 

Nature's Archetype - Serpent - Circle of Life

Direction - South

Sacred Geometry - Circle - Container of Life
Element - Earth    

Sacred Belief - Nature - Origins

Consciousness - Intention of Self


Sacral Chakra - Emotional Body
Nature's Archetype - Jaguar - Setting Sun

Direction - West

Sacred Geometry - Vesica Piscis - Portal of Life

Element - Water

Sacred Belief - Taoism - Harmony of Opposites

Consciousness - Awareness of Self


Solar Plexus Chakra - Mythic Body
Nature's Archetype - Hummingbird - Stars

Direction - North

Sacred Geometry - Seed of Life

Element - Fire

Sacred Belief - Hinduism/Agni - Eternal Fire

Consciousness - Unconscious Self


Heart Chakra - Energy Body

Nature's Archetype - Eagle/Rising Sun

Direction - East

Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life

Element - Love

Sacred Belief - Buddhism - Inner Alchemy

Consciousness - Conscious Self


Throat Chakra - Vocal Body

Nature's Archetype - Roots of Tree - Lower World

Direction - Below - Past

Sacred Geometry - Fruit of Life

Element - Air

Sacred Belief - Judaism/Tree of Life - Mystical Stories

Consciousness - Collective Unconsciousness


Third Eye Chakra - Conscious Body

Nature's Archetype - Trunk of Tree - Middle World

Direction - Within - Present

Sacred Geometry - Metatron's Cube - Knowledge of Life

Element - Ether

Sacred Belief - Christianity/Gnosticism - Mystical Wisdom

Consciousness - Collective Consciousness

Mandala Chakra Series (on hold)


Mandala - Sacred Circle - Sanskrit
Chakra - Spinning Wheel - Sanskrit 


The Mandala Chakra Series features seven 3-hour sessions. They can be taken individually or as a three-day retreat. This series facilitates the creation of seven healing mandalas focused on your personal intentions as they relate to your chakras. This cross-cultural series weaves ancient wisdom teachings from around the world to remember the wisdom within you.


Mandalas are a meditative and healing art form that allows us to tap into our inner vision as well as the collective soul. They facilitate a return to wholeness. This series will take you on an adventure of inner connection and awakening as you create seven personal healing mandalas based on the multi-dimensional map within you. This map will guide you through the inner and outer realms of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.​ By bringing awareness to our inner and outer reality we can empower ourselves to shift our perceptions and our destiny. 







Each session will begin with an expansive overview of that chakra, followed by intention setting and a meditative journey to receive a vision or insight for your mandala. After your mandala is complete you will connect with the message that came through. 


No artistic experience or ability is needed.  This is a process of stepping out of judgment and ego and allowing our hands to express what flows from our heart. Each Mandala is inspired by our personal intention and the selected theme. Creating a mandala begins by tracing a white circle onto a black sheet of paper, which becomes the "container" for the Mandala. A white dot placed within the circle represents our beginning point, or "seed" for our intention. We enter into quiet reflection as we become aware of our breath. Release worry, anxiety or fear. Allow what you sense to flow onto the paper. After 45 minutes of drawing we meditate on the message of each mandala and write it on the back.























Materials provided:

Black Paper, Seven Prismacolor pencils (white, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) plus Gold & Silver gel pens.

Mandala Chakra book available at: Amazon

Mandala Chakra oracle deck available at: Printers Studio

For more information contact Laural:

Crown Chakra-Flower Petal.jpg

Crown Chakra - Light Body

Nature's Archetype - Branches of Tree - Upper World

Direction - Above - Future

Sacred Geometry - Merkaba - Star of Life

Element - Light

Sacred Belief - Islam/Sufism - Mystical Visions

Consciousness - Awakened Self