Mandala Mornings

Creating a personal mandala (sacred circle) is an active form of meditation that opens our heart and mind as one. Through direct revelation we are able to make the invisible visible by shifting our consciousness and connecting with our inner wisdom. 

Mandala Mornings - 3 hr sessions based on a variety of themes:

Winter Solstice

Spring/Vernal Equinox

Summer Solstice 

Fall/Autumnal Equinox

Healing power of water

Healing power of stones 

Healing power of trees

Healing power of animals

Healing power of nature


Creating a personal healing Mandala

No artistic experience or ability is needed, this is a process of stepping out of judgment and ego and draw from our heart as we access our inner wisdom. Each Mandala is inspired by our personal intention. The actual mandala process begins by tracing a white circle onto a black sheet of paper. This white circle is the "container" for the Mandala. A white dot placed within the circle represents our beginning point. This dot is the "seed" of intention. Enter into quiet reflection and sit comfortably. Become aware of your breath and release worry, anxiety or fear. Allow what you sense to flow onto the paper. When you feel complete meditate on its message and write it on the back of the paper. 

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