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Mandala Chakra 


Mandala - Sacred Circle - Sanskrit

Chakra - Spinning Wheel - Sanskrit 


The Mandala Chakra series facilitates the creation of healing mandalas based on our chakras. Each mandala will be inspired by a featured chakra and your personal healing intention. Creating a healing mandala is a process of stepping out of judgment and ego and allowing our hands to express what flows from our heart.


This series weaves ancient wisdom teachings from around the world with the seven primary chakras of our subtle body. Your personal healing intention will help you connect with your inner wisdom to provide insights for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.​


Each session will begin with an overview of the featured chakra, followed by intention setting and journeying. Once you receive a vision or insight for your mandala you will sit in silence and allow it to flow through your hands onto black paper. After your mandala is complete you will meditate on the message that came through. ​


This is an organic process that requires no artistic experience.

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