First Direction - South - Root Chakra

Archetypal Energy - Serpent - Earth

Connect with your reptilian senses.
Shed original wound stories, step out of the triangle of disempowerment. 
Practice non-judgment, non-attachment, beauty and grace.
Element - Earth.    

Sacred Geometry - Circle of Life.  

Second Direction - West - Sacral Chakra
Archetypal Energy - Jaguar - Setting Sun

Connect with your emotional body.
Go fearlessly into your shadow stories for insights.

Unwind ancestral wounds & past life trauma.
Become the peaceful warrior who dares to speak truth yet practices peace.
Element - Water.

Sacred Geometry - Portal of Life - Vesica Piscis.

Third Direction - North - Solar Plexus Chakra
Archetypal Energy - Hummingbird - Sky

Feel the sacred and mythic realms as you meet your guides.

Journey with your guides and retrieve your soul. 

Retrieve lost or fractured soul parts and rewrite old soul contracts. 

Shift your projections of your shadow self.

Create and bury two personal despachos.
Element - Fire.

Sacred Geometry - Seed of Life. 

Fourth Direction - East - Heart Chakra

Archetypal Energy - Eagle - Rising Sun

Sense the world of pure energy.

Shift your destiny by dreaming your future now. 

Practice unconditional love with no strings attached

Fly above your story to see with new eyes. 
Element - Love.

Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life.

Fifth Direction - Underworld - Throat Chakra

Archetypal Energy - Roots of the Tree - Past

See how stories can hold you back from living your truth.

Heal your story by claiming your truth and speaking it. 

Own your truth by facing your deepest fear.
Practice speaking your truth.
Element - Air.

Sacred Geometry - Fruit of Life. 

Sixth Direction - Middleworld - Third Eye Chakra
Archetypal Energy - Trunk of the Tree - Present

Demystify sacred geometry, Kabbalah, I-Ching, Tarot etc.

Reclaim your inner knowing, intuition and wisdom. 
Gain insights on the world's mystery teachings and divination.
Element - Ether.

Sacred Geometry - Knowledge of Life - Metatrons Cube.

Seventh Direction - Upperworld - Crown Chakra
Archetypal Energy - Branches of the Tree - Future

Become fully aware of your soul's potential.  

Recapitulation of your life.

Release, rebirth and reclaim your soul's purpose. 

Discussion on conscious dying and the soul’s journey.
Element - Light.

Sacred Geometry - Star of Life - Merkaba.

Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheel  


Mandala - Sacred Circle

Chakra - Sacred Wheel 

Medicine Wheel - Sacred Hoop


The Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheel honors the sacred circle of life through a series of seven classes that facilitate self-discovery, personal healing and inner transformation. This cross-cultural series weaves ancient wisdom teachings and indigenous traditions from around the world. Explore the seven sacred directions within your energetic and physical body to awaken at the level of the soul. You will create a healing mandala during each class as well as a personal medicine bundle made of sacred stones (khuya's). You will experience guided journeys of self-discovery through the seven unique perceptual states within your chakras. 

l offer the Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheel in small groups, as a four day retreat or as seven individual sessions. 

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Recommended books:

Mandala Chakra: by Laural Virtues Wauters

The Four Insights: by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

If you are interested in creating a mesa here are links for authentic Peruvian Mestanas: 

The Tribal Store

The Shaman's Market

Sacred Pathways


"Simply put, Laural Wauter’s Medicine Wheel has changed my life in a pure, deep, and profound way.  She is the kind of mentor, coach, friend, sage, and healer that everyone should have in their lives.  Her gentleness, fearlessness, and kindness helped me tackle old wounds and emotional pain so I could finally heal.  This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am sincerely and deeply grateful to Laural for sharing her wisdom, her caring, and the teachings." - Mary Beth King

"The Medicine Wheel Program is one of those rare opportunities in life that allows you to explore yourself mentally and emotionally, then identify potential difficulties and proceed to heal the wounds revolving around them. The program is thoughtfully designed to give its students every opportunity to successfully complete this healing journey. As with most things, I found that I got out of this program what I put into it, the depth of my exploration and thus healing was up to me. Laural has created a comforting environment that lends itself to stretching ones perspective. She carefully anticipates her student’s needs and confidently directs them upon the journey they create for themselves. Her expertise in communications, history, world religion, shamanism and healing arts makes her not only a noble guide but also a fascinating teacher. In my opinion, the Medicine Wheel Program could benefit any soul I know." - Dr. Patty Glover

The refreshing and creative twist Laural applies in her teachings not only inspires you to learn more but to dig down deep into your very core. If you feel your voice is unheard or your truths not recognized she encourages you to be open without judgment or fear.  It is magical."  - Keith Koch


 “Laural is a wonderfully gifted communicator, who chooses to share her talents and education with those who are open to healing, recovery, and growth. The “Medicine Wheel” program was an incredible journey and one that allowed me to experience tremendous growth. Not only did I experience healing and recovery as part of my journey, but I also received spiritual education and support from Laural, as well as the rest of my tribe members.”  - Sue Touchinski 


"I was stuck and unable to breakthrough the blocks that prevented my spiritual growth.  I read books and learned about the power of our soul. The words sounded nice but I couldn't really feel them. The Medicine Wheel Series has finally given me the opportunity to receive these lessons deep within me. Each class provided a level of trust and courage to go places in my heart and mind that I would not go alone. I allowed myself to feel the precious gift that was there all along. I now trust my inner voice. I saw that the essence of Jesus' message of love fits perfectly with these ancient teachings of caring for the earth, yourself, and others."  - Marcia Hutjens
"The Medicine Wheel embraces the concept that we are in control of healing our past by living with purpose and in the moment. By doing this we are able to see that we each shape our own destinies. Laural shares Native American and ancient indigenous teachings that have been lost to us. She incorporates world belief systems into her teachings, along with the psychology of Carl Jung. This is a journey that is transforming and empowering." - Jean Wentz 

"Laural's Medicine Wheel was literally an answer to my prayers! Laural guides you through the processes with loving care and gentle direction. I know myself at a much deeper level. This knowing gives me the ability to understand myself, which helps me trust. Trust makes me believe in myself that gives me my power. Others felt my power, but it wasn't until Laural's class that I did. Mind, body and spirit will be nourished."  - Angie Haen 

"Laural is a compassionate and true teacher and her willingness to share her deep knowledge without borders makes the trip a safe roller coster with a wonderful light at the end. Laural is the shaman with a heart that everybody should look for. Her dedication and her warmhearted personality will guide you to your true self. I would recommend Laural to whoever wants to go through that journey."  - Irmine Hero

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Mandala - mandala in Sanskrit means "sacred circle". Mandalas are a ceremonial and healing art form that allows us to tap into our inner vision as well as the collective unconscious. They facilitate our return to feeling whole.

Mesa/Misa - Spanish word meaning "altar". In the mystical Andean tradition a mesa is a personal medicine bundle consisting of a mestana cloth and khuya's along with other sacred objects. A mesa collectivo is a collection of our wound stories that are held in the khuya's. Creating a mesa is a process of reconnection and reciprocity. 


Despacho - is an Andean Prayer bundle, that means "dispatch" in Spanish. Despachos are created as a ceremonial way of containing the intentions of the person or group that created it. There are numerous types of despachos. The creation of a despacho is a sacred process filled with intention, gratitude and prayers. After the creation of the despacho it can be buried in the ground, gifted to water or placed in a ceremonial fire. 

Khuya - a sacred power stone that is gifted to a person by nature from places they source from. They are typically smooth, dense and unbroken. Stones and khuya's have the ability to hold our stories as we heal ourselves. They can also hold the energy of where they originated on earth and the collective stories of our cosmos.