"As we journey within we awaken the ability to heal our self and our soul.  As we heal from within we can begin to heal our world." - Laural Virtues Wauters 


"My session with Laural was amazingly insightful and explained so many things that I had been experiencing for years.  It shifted how I view myself, my world and my place in it. She provides a wonderfully serene healing environment that allows you to open yourself up to the truth that is you." - Lisa Krieg 

"Self work is not easy work and many of us neglect it. With Laural as my friend, coach, and mentor, I began to look at myself through a healing lens. She helped me be brave enough to remove the bandages, scrape out the infection, and begin healing my spiritual and emotional wounds. After working with Laural, I know that I have the tools to continue healing myself and maintain a healthy life. I am so glad that I allowed the time to focus on my own health and healing. Learning from these teachings has left me inspired, aware, and prepared for the next steps of my life journey." - Henry McLaughlin

"There is a time in a person's life when you ask; what's next? It is a time of reflection ...and transformation. For me, Laural was the skilled guide that helped me take the leap" - Christine Danielson  


"Laural has changed my life in a pure, deep, and profound way.   Her gentleness, fearlessness, and kindness helped me tackle old wounds and emotional pain so I could finally heal." - Mary Beth King



Laural is available as a mentor on a personal or professional basis. She offers a safe and sacred space to explore, honor and receive insights for the mind, body and soul. 

Professional Mentoring - Laural offers one on one mentoring depending on your area of interest. This can include support as a mandala facilitator or to gain insights for deepening your personal practice. She also provides mentoring for those interested in offering programs based on her books Mandala Chakra or Tree Spirit Tarot. 

Personal Mentoring - Laural offers individual sessions based on your personal intention. She also offers one-on-one sessions based on the medicine wheel series. 


By identifying the original wounds, affinities, traumas, stories or ancestral patterns that affect us  we can begin to uncover what is holding us. By consciously connecting with our stories we can begin to see how they are influencing our perceptions. As we honor our stories we empower ourself to release what does not serve us and receive the wisdom and insights they hold. By seeing our life at the level of our soul we can rewrite our wounded stories into healing journeys. We can reword old soul contracts that were made from our wounded self to now help us move through life with more grace and love. 


Mentoring sessions are available In-Person or Phone

Monday-Friday between 9:00-Noon PST. (Pacific Standard Time)

Fee: $150 per session


To schedule a mentoring session please e-mail: lauralwauters@gmail.com