"My session with Laural was amazingly insightful and explained so many things that I had been experiencing for years.  It shifted how I view myself, my world and my place in it. She provides a wonderfully serene healing environment that allows you to open yourself up to the truth that is you."

- Lisa Krieg 

"There is a time in a person's life when you ask; what's next? It is a time of reflection ...and transformation. For me, Laural was the skilled guide that helped me take the leap"

- Christine Danielson  


"Laural has changed my life in a pure, deep, and profound way.   Her gentleness, fearlessness, and kindness helped me tackle old wounds and emotional pain so I could finally heal."
- Mary Beth King

Personal Sessions


Personal sessions offer a safe and sacred space to explore, honor and receive insights for the mind, body and soul. The mind can creates stories that disempower or disengage our ability to think, know or feel clearly. Over the course of our lives, we add layers of story based in separation, fear, grief, confusion, trauma etc.  By seeing life from the perspective of the soul we empower ourselves to heal and release those stories that no longer serve us.  This allows us to imagine new possibilities for our life and our world.

Personal sessions may include any or all of the following:

Intention Setting - Before each session you will be asked to set an intention based on what you wan to look at or heal.  You will select a stone that holds your intention throughout the session.

Soul Counseling - This is a process of identifying original wounds, affinities, traumas, stories or ancestral patterns that affect you consciously and subconsciously. It involves sharing your story to reveal the pattern or trauma loop. By consciously connecting with your soul's stories you will begin to see how they are influencing your perceptions. By moving through your traumas or fear you empower your ability to heal at the level of the mind/soul.


Shadow - Your shadows hold your greatest insights, but fear can prevent you from seeing or receiving them. By shedding light on your shadows you can begin to see how they influence your life. By owning your projections you empower yourself to move through the fear, limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns that have you been holding. 


Soul Retrieval - Facilitates your ability to reconnect with parts of your soul/self that became disconnected during times of trauma, neglect or grief. By reconnecting and honoring these aspects of yourself you are able to reconnect with your truth and your innocence. 


Soul Contracts - A process of identifying and rewriting previous soul contracts that were made in childhood and or adulthood based on your original wound(s). 

Aftercare and Homework - Homework and aftercare instructions will be provided for each session. This will be formatted as a written document that can be emailed or handed out.


Phone Sessions are now available.

Monday-Friday between 9:00-Noon PST. (Pacific Standard Time)

Fee: $150 -  Available in person or as a phone session (allow for 1.5 - 3 hours)



To schedule a session please e-mail: lauralwauters@gmail.com