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“As an adult, I absolutely fell in love with this book! It also inspired my 11 year old son to ask for a walk in the forest again, which he hasn’t asked to do in quite a while! He was alway fascinated with nature when he was little but as he grew and became increasingly more interested in his computer and video games, nature seemed to lose its appeal after a while. This book grasped his attention and re-ignited his childhood curiosity about the magic of exploring the world around him. So many young children have been overwhelmed by the messages, scary warnings and sad statistics about the damages humanity has caused to our planet, and how important it is for them to help save the earth, but hearing these messages without first gaining a sense of true wonder and appreciation for just how precious our planet truly is, it can become a feeling of burden for them and they tend to want to find escape in their devices instead of in the natural world around them. This book is such a sweet reminder of what our children, and we as adults, seem to have forgotten along the way. I hope to see many more adventures like these, which was so beautifully written and illustrated, interwoven with deep knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for this treasure of a book that has planted a new seed in my child’s imagination!” – Sunnybeth

“Beautiful book about friendship and magic in life. It teaches about different species of trees growing in the verity of climate zones around the world. Educational, charming, inspiring!” – Bozena Palmquist

“What a beautifully illustrated and written book featuring the Forest Friends of the Everlasting Forest! I love this book, and can’t wait to see each new edition that each Forest Friend will have. I understand there is hope to create a line of products for each Forest Friend, as well. I would love T-shirts, and all kinds of other merchandise for my favorite, Curious, Coconut. Or maybe Super Spruce is my favorite? This is a book that should be in every kid’s library. Adults, too!” – The Bull

“Are you a tree lover? Do you want to nurture this love in children? This book is for you. It’s a beautifully illustrated adventure of trees who go around the world visiting each other. So sweet.” – Taaj

The Everlasting Forest


The Everlasting Forest - A Worldly Adventure
Written by: Laural V. Wauters

Illustrated by: Lanvi T. Nguyen

The Worldly Adventure is the first in a series of 14 children's books that will introduce readers to thirteen legendary Forest Friends. This adventure around the world is led by Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi who honor the stories, cultures and

environments of all trees.


Come along as they travel through a magical portal to gather their Forest Friends for the very first time. Listen to their words of whimsy and wisdom as they bring gifts that will inspire many more adventures yet to come.

This vibrantly illustrated, 8.5″ x 8.5" softcover, 46-page book is filled with colorful images that will invite you to explore and learn. This is an adventure filled with joy that is sure to delight people of all ages. 


Thirteen companion books, featuring the adventures of each Forest Friend in their native homeland are currently in the works.

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