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Private Consultations - Laural offers personal consultations based on her experience as a counselor, shamanic practitioner and facilitator; as well as the creator of Tree Sprit Tarot and Mandala Chakra

Readings - Laural offers personal readings as well as yearlong readings based on her books Tree Spirit Tarot and Mandala Chakra. 

Tree Spirit Tarot - One day class that explores the archetypal roots of the Tarot and how our personal and collective stories are reflected in the wisdom of trees.

Mandala Chakra - Seven half-day classes that explore the chakras as a source of inspiration and the creation of seven healing mandalas. 

Mesa Medicine Wheel - Seven full-day classes designed for personal healing and transformation. This series facilitates the creation of a personal mesa inspired by our healing stories and the tradition of the Andean cosmology.

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