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Mandala Chakra 


Mandala Chakra - Awaken the One Within
Written by: Laural V. Wauters

Illustrated by: Laural V. Wauters

Mandala Chakra is a guided journey of self-discovery. Travel through seven perceptual states anchored within the seven chakras of our subtle energy body. This internal map connects the dots between one’s personal consciousness as well as the collective soul. Educational and useful insights along with 49 hand-drawn mandalas create a guide for an epic adventure of connection. By becoming aware of how interconnected we are, we regain our ability to shift our perceptions and become the map makers of our destiny. 


The book and optional card deck are available for purchase through the following links. I am currently seeking a publisher who could transform this into box set. 

For more information visit:

Book Reviews

"The “Mandala Chakra: Awaken the one within” guidebook is packed with awesome information. This is a wonderful guidebook for learning about the chakras. It covers the chakras from a different perspective that I really appreciate." - Nina

"This book introduces you to sacred energy and its function in your everyday life. There are other materials necessary to be successful but gives basics on energy work. Dive deep you just dont know what you will discover." - Karl

What a beautiful map you have drawn for the connection of all and human consciousness. Mind blowing!”  - Rebecca 

"This is a beautiful book and very informative. I carry it with me everywhere I go, I love it! - NA

"This book is written with immense wisdom, and illustrated with incredibly gorgeous artwork. I've purchased several copies to share with others, and everyone agrees." - Sonia 

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