The Guardian Tree

The Guardian Tree - The true story of Carmen Sylvia
Autobiography - by Laural Virtues Wauters

Carmen Sylvia is an infant girl adopted by Americans working for the CIA in post-World War II Germany. Her journey begins in an enchanted park in Frankfurt where Laural (Carmen Sylvia) encounters a tree spirit with a mysterious message that opens the doors to an epic adventure of self-discovery.


Join Laural as she unravels her ancestral roots – which are intertwined with Nazi Germany, a mystical German mother and a Irish/Scottish/Cherokee father – and reconnects with the spirit of the tree and the lessons it held.


Travel along as she immerses herself in the healing arts of shamanism and the mandala, as well as the roots of world belief to heal herself and her world.


When Laural eventually realizes that her name, Carmen Sylvia, means "Guardian Tree" she awakens the ultimate truth.   


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