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"I love your books and am excited to use the cards. I am a Franciscan Sister who very much loves nature.  I was very impressed with your life story and how the trees became the symbols of your journey.  I have been sharing it with others who are also impressed and touched by your books. They are inspirational."  - Debbie

"Brilliant Tarot book with fascinating synthesis of trees, science and lore. This is a very insightful and advanced Tarot book in its own right. I have been working with the Tarot and plant energies for half my life! All Tarot aficionados should pick this up". - Seattle


"Incredibly detailed book that accompanies the tarot deck. The author has extensive knowledge of her subjects. She opens a whole new perception to nature and it’s beauty. Love this."  - Nikki

"It’s a wonderful way to tap into the energy of different trees. I’ve also been looking at the trees in my neighbors gardens, in the parks and open spaces in my neighborhood." - Nina

"I was looking for a good Tree Tarot/Oracle deck for a quiet sometime and I found it in your creation “Tree Spirit Tarot” . I ordered the book through Amazon and the deck from Printer Studio. I also did the same with your Mandala Chakra Oracle. I don’t know what it is but after a long period of “hibernation/going within” I am very hungry to replenish and rejuvenate my knowledge about Trees, Plants, Animals and your deck appeared on my radar right as I formed the request from the Universe, as by magic. I am thrilled to be working with it. " - Natalia


"This deck brings me so much joy already as I love working with Tree Spirits." - Sharon

"I wanted to thank you for existing and creating. In my meditations I start by becoming my tree. Lately I have been shifting through a lot of various forms and then dig in to researching the symbolism. You are one of my favorite people to look to as you resonate so very much!" - Charlene


Tree Spirit Tarot


Tree Spirit Tarot - Return to the Garden

Written by: Laural Virtues Wauters


Tree Spirit Tarot recounts the mythical and historical stories of 78 trees and their impact on our personal and collective understanding. 


Historically the Tarot is a deck of 78 illustrated cards that originated in 15th century Italy, but its roots may date back to ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. The tarot is based on the triumphs and challenges we all face throughout our life. It is divided into two aspects: 

Major Arcana (important secret) represents 22 archetypal aspects of our life’s journey. It is helpful to imagine the major arcana arranged in a circle versus a line to visualize it as the wheel of life. Tree Spirit Tarot identifies 22 trees that hold these archetypal stories. By bringing these stories to consciousness we can awaken to our true nature and return to ourselves as whole (holy). 

Minor Arcana (lesser secret) represents 56 cards that are divided into four suits. Tree Spirit Tarot identifies four main types of trees that relate to the four elements of nature: ​

Note: The information and messages from all 78 trees in Tree Spirit Tarot can be found on my website


I am actively seeking a publisher who can transform this into an afforadable box set. 

If you wish to have a physical copy of the book or tarot deck they are available for purchase independently through the following places.


To learn more visit:

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